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SureShot Tee™

SureShot Tee™ Online Store:

Welcome to SureShot Tee™ Website.

Our KickStarter Campaign was successfully funded on September 17th, 2020. The campaign raised over $14k with the help of 263 backers. Our fully engaged manufacturers have worked hard to help us fulfill the rewards in March 2021. We now have products in our online store and ready to ship.

One common problem during a tee-off is the littering of broken tees around the tee box.  The discarded tee pegs are unsightly, and they increase the maintenance cost for golf courses.  Recent news articles discuss the negative impact of discarded tees on birds, especially if those are made of cheap plastic.

Using a controlled hit force from a driver, only SureShot Tee™ allows a complete follow-through on the shot, giving a higher ball velocity and a longer travel distance.  To achieve the same effect, other tees would have to break to reduce the shot resistance.  

SureShot Tee™ had gone through many changes since its inception to make the product more usable and manufacturable. After the first canceled KickStarter campaign launch, we received several great design improvement suggestions on SureShot Tee™ from our early supporters and test users.  

Changing color to make the tee easier to see, increasing the tee length to give a higher impact zone, and adding more stock to give the tee more impact cushion were some great ideas. These updates were transferred to the latest design to make the tee stronger and more functional even with the prototype materials.

The production-grade SureShot Tee™ is made with a proprietary polymer with twice the impact resistance of carbon steel. This material should make SureShot Tee™ more durable and longer-lasting than any tees in the market.

 SureShot Tee™ Basic Package:

This standard bundle comes with three SureShot Tee™’s — Size 1, Size 2, and Size 3.  Anchor Disc shown in the video is only included in Pro and Elite package.

 SureShot Tee™ Anchor Disc:

For a tee box with rough conditions or a grassy backyard, SureShot Tee™ Anchor Disc can improve the ground surface consistency for SureShot Tee™.  The Anchor Disc can also be used as a ball marker. This product only comes with the Pro Package or Elite Package.

SureShot Tee™ Oiler:  

Maintain your tee with this precision oiler filled with a light lubricant to keep the mechanism on SureShot Tee™ running smoothly. This product only comes with the Pro Package or Elite Package.

SureShot Tee™ Golf Cap and Shirt:  SureShot Tee™ performance polo shirt is made using CoolFlow™ technology to keep your body cool and dry.  The shirt is made of heavyweight, high-quality cotton and polyester blended material. Both the shirt and cap are embroidered with the SureShot Tee™ logo. Select the size and gender of the shirt.  The shirt and cap only come with the Elite Package.