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SureShot Tee®

Tournament Legal, Durable, Reusable, and Repairable Golf Tee


Where To Buy?

Visit our online store to purchase SureShot Tee™. There are several packages and accessories that will match your golfing needs.



One common problem during a tee-off is the littering of broken tees around the tee box.  The discarded tee pegs are unsightly, and they increase the maintenance cost for golf courses.  Recent news articles discuss the negative impact of discarded tees on birds, especially if they are made of cheap plastic.

SureShot Tee™ is made with an industrial-grade DuPont polymer with twice the impact resistance of carbon steel. This material makes SureShot Tee™ more durable and longer-lasting than any tees made using cheap plastic made overseas.

Low-Impact Resistance

When teeing off, many variables can impact the overall ball travel distance. One of the key variables is the shot impact resistance. Tee obstruction slows down the follow-through, resulting in a shorter drive distance. SureShot Tee™ removes the obstruction, transferring all the impact energy to the ball. This fact is supported by a recent article at

Robotic Test Study

Robotic Tee-Off Benchmark at Golf Laboratories, Inc. proved that SureShot Tee provides a longer drive distance than standard wooden bamboo tees and several well-known competitors.

Conforms with the Rules of Golf

SureShot Tees conforms with the USGA equipment rules for Tees (Rule 6.2) and can be used legally in golf tournaments.

Reusable and Resettable

When teeing off, many variables can impact the overall ball travel distance. One of the key variables is the shot impact resistance. A longer drive distance can be achieved when the golf club can have a smooth follow-through after an impact with the golf ball.

Multiple Sizes

Some golfers prefer to tee high up and some prefer to tee low. SureShot Tee™ comes in 3 sizes to match your drive style. Finding the optimal height for your drive that keeps the tee from flying off is important. When you only engage the patented Smooth Flex Roller™ mechanism, the tee should stay in place, allowing an optimal resistance-free tee-off.

High-Quality Materials

SureShot Tee is injection molded with a high-impact grade Dupont Polymer – the same material found in high-end sports equipment and medical devices requiring tough and durable protection.

The Smoot Flex Roller™ mechanism consists of laser-cut industrial-grade stainless steel components and a high-quality custom spring manufactured in the USA.

Proudly Designed And Made In the U.S.A.

Since quality is the number one factor for SureShot Tees, everything was designed and continuously improved by our team in the United States.

All SureShot Tees are injection molded by an ISO9001:2015 certified manufacturer in Rochester, NY, and the tees are then fully assembled and packaged at the SureShot Tee facility in Groton, NY.

U.S. & Worldwide Sales

SureShot Tees have been sold to golfers all around the U.S. and the world.

There are currently active and successful sales campaigns in Japan through our Distribution Partner