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SureShot Tee™ Impact Guard

Impact Guard (IG)
Size 2 (Blue) and Size 3 (Yellow) SureShot Tee can better tolerate a side impact or a repeated direct impact to the tee body by having the IG installed at the impact zone right above the pivoting mechanism. An IG Kit comes with an installation tool and 2 Impact Guards.

Video Guide For Impact Guard Installation

Impact Guard (IG) Installation is simple to do.  You just need a ball peen hammer or any heavy object to do the installation.  

Insert the Impact Guard on the bottom side of the tee and align the logo with each other.  Please make sure to have the logo on the Impact Guard label correctly oriented.  Push the IG over the bottom side of the tee so it's held in place.

Turn the tee upside down and align the installation tool to the bottom peg.  Gently tap on the tool until the IG slide on to the top part of the tee.  The tool will bottom out when IG is in the correct location.

Use the complete pictorial instruction guide below to install the Impact Guard


  1. Align the Impact Guard (IG) with the SureShot Tee upside down on a firm and flat surface. Make sure the SureShot Tee logo on the IG is upside down and is facing the same direction as the SureShot Tee logo on the peg of the tee.
  2. Hand push the IG onto the bottom peg of SureShot Tee to align it in place.
  3. Line up the inside hole of the IG Installation tool with the tee peg. Note that the green SureShot Tee logo should be oriented with SureShot Tee logo not upside down.
  4. Firmly push down or use a ballpeen hammer to tap the IG Installation tool on top of the Impact Guard. Push until the Impact Guard straddle over the pivoting mechanism.
  5. Continue to push down until the IG crosses over the bottom peg and starts to go over the top part of the tee.
  6. Keep tapping until the IG Installation tool bottoms out on the shoulder of the peg. The IG shouldn’t be able to move anymore beyond the stopping location.
  7. Note that the Impact Guard position should end up just a little bit above the bottom of the top section of the tee.
  8. Lift the IG Installation tool from the tee. The SureShot Tee is now ready for use. Note that the IG should be firmly seated in place and it is not easy to move after the installation.

If you have any questions on the installation of the Impact Guard, please contact us at

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