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About Us

Our Beginning

SureShot Tee, LLC was formed in August 2020 by two co-founders – Kevin J. Geiger and Patrick C. Chaopricha. The company is based in Groton, New York. Kevin Geiger has been a machinist by trade for over three decades. He has designed several products with both granted and pending U.S. patents. Kevin has worked in the mechanical testing field for almost 15 years and has a degree in metal fabrication. Patrick Chaopricha teamed up with Kevin as a design and production manufacturing engineer. Patrick has been an engineer for over two decades, working in photonics, electronics, and aerospace industries. He also has an MBA from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, and he enjoys graphic design and marketing. Patrick works on SureShot™ Tee prototypes in his basement lab in Ithaca, NY. Both Kevin and Patrick are long-time golfers who would like to improve their games constantly.

Constant Evolution

SureShot Tee has gone through several design iterations and materials to arrive at the current design. We paid a lot of attention to details and engineering requirements to make SureShot Tee the best tee it could be. The product improvement still continues so we can respond to the feedback and expressed needs from golfers who use SureShot Tee to improve their golf games.

Manufacturing At Home

Finding the right partner to manufacture SureShot Tee components wasn’t easy, but we have determined that we would like to keep the production local and do as much as we could in our hometown in Upstate New York. The benefits of having the manufacturing so close to us are being able to control the quality of the product and having the ability to quickly update the design to address any challenges that come up. It is also important for us that we keep manufacturing jobs in the U.S. when possible so that we invest in our community first.

Environmental Responsibility

At SureShot Tee, LLC, our mission is to make the best golf tee possible while at the same time helping reduce the impact on the environment. Having a durable and reusable tee like SureShot Tee helps reduce the tee peg littering problem on golf courses and cutting down trees to make more brittle golf tees to generate more litter.